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For those who don’t know what to do, I hope these blogs on my experiences, learnings and views could help you learn a thing or two in knowing how to deal with your own life challenges.

| What happens when we lie?

I met this person once and he said that as long as they are happy, he is not doing anything wrong. He also said that as long as the other person doesn’t know, he is not lying. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? Or is it?​

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| Who do you ask for advice?

I recently asked my former manager for advice. I was torn between a job that has stability and an opportunity that has risks. I usually go to him for career advices. From changing companies to how to deal with people. ​

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| How do we use our time?

It does not mean being productive all the time as we all need to take breaks and leisure time. For me, it just simply mean to schedule the things we need to do and adhere to it by doing the task on the scheduled time. That’s using time wisely. ​

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